Top 4 Pool Care Basics That Work

Swimming PoolA swimming pool in the backyard is a sign of glamour and luxury, but it also involves a handful of demanding tasks. Keeping the pool clean so that it remains beautiful and safe to swim in would be more manageable if you follow the following pool care and maintenance tips.

Maintain ideal chemical levels

This factor is the foundation of proper pool maintenance according to the expert pool and spa service providers in Salt Lake City, such as Preferred Pool and Spa. There are specific chemical levels required to make sure that the water is clean and safe for the entire family. A miss could make the water looking murky and irritating to the eyes and skin. Test the water at least once a week. You can obtain testing kits in pool stores so you can monitor the chemical levels regularly.

Take debris off the water

Skimming leaves and other debris is something you need to do. Doing this prevents your filters from being clogged by smaller debris. You have to do this more often if you have nearby bushes and trees.

Prevent algae buildup

Algae buildup starts with moisture and bacteria. To keep yourself free from the headache of ugly, stubborn spots, make sure to scrub and brush the walls of the pool with water and chlorine. Remember to adjust the pool’s pH levels so as not to encourage algal growth.

Keep the filters replenished

Swimming pool filters need to remain clean and free from any form of impurity. To keep your pool filters functional, they have to be well-kept and clean. Carefully inspect the filters, the filter basket, the filter cap, and the pipes regularly. Perform a round of cleaning to avoid dirt buildup.
You don’t have to be at the mercy of your swimming pool. Contact a professional pool and spa maintenance service to help make your summer full of fun.