Top Reasons Your Crawlspace Has High Humidity

Crawlspaces being builtCrawlspaces can be dark and humid if not taken care of. The humidity in the crawlspaces often seems like no bother to homeowners until mold begins to grow on the foundation walls and plumbing pipes. It is, therefore, best that you deal with humidity as soon as you notice it and all that is causing it.

So what leads to your crawlspace having high levels of humidity? American Basement Solutions provides some possible answers.

Bulk Water

It is not uncommon to have a pool of water beneath your house. The source of water would most likely be leaking pipes in the plumbing system. In other cases, you might have water in your crawlspace if your contractor did not use effective waterproofing methods during construction. As a result, hydro-static pressure would start building up against your foundation wall, and mold will start developing just below your floor.

Outdoor Air

Letting outdoor air into the crawlspace also results in a humid crawlspace. The temperatures in the crawlspace and on the outside always vary and once the outside air gets into the cooler environments in the crawlspace, the moisture in it becomes saturated upon cooling. This shifts the relative humidity in the air by a significant percentage. The higher the relative humidity is, the better the conditions for mold growth.

The amount of evaporated moisture

Most of the soil under the crawlspaces contains moisture, which evaporates to the immediate environment when there is extreme heat. This moisture ends up contributing to the crawlspace’s humidity, consequently encouraging mold growth. The foundation walls also contain moisture, which often evaporates into crawlspaces.

Buying a digital thermo-hygrometer is advisable. This tool will help you maintain full control of your crawlspace’s relative humidity. Taking care of humidity can make drainage repairs in these crawlspaces fast and easy. If you live in Indianapolis where the humidity is high in crawlspaces, you can seek help from experts who offer crawlspace solutions to get rid of the problem permanently.