Turn Your House into a Home with the Four Items

entrance floor mats

entrance floor matsHouses are essentially similar no matter where you live in America. Each house has at least one bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living area. Your house’s layout is probably the same with your neighbor’s. If you want to add a personal touch to your house so you can call it your own home, here some essentials you can add:


Green, leafy vegetables should not only be part of your daily diet, they should also be around and inside your house. You do not necessarily need a garden; you can have pretty potted perennials in your bedroom and living area, an herb garden in your kitchen, or a small terrarium in your bathroom. Maintaining and keeping your house plants alive can be a challenge, but the bright green colors will breathe life into your home.


You probably know somebody with a gazillion pieces from famous painters or sculptors inside their room. Hanging an artwork does not necessarily make you an intellectual snob. Having at least one in your kitchen or bedroom wall will add a sense of personality to your space. You can have a conversation piece or even funky, colorful entrance floor mats that will tell your guests, “This is me!”

A Functional Kitchen

You’re not in college anymore. You need more than just a microwave oven or toaster to call your kitchen, well, a legitimate kitchen. You will spend a lot of time preparing food and eating in that small space so you might as well invest in appliances. A stove, refrigerator, and at least one good chef’s knife and frying pan are essentials in a functional kitchen.

A Decent Mattress

You will need to sleep, and sleep comfortably you shall. You will spend at least seven hours a day in your room, and you owe it to yourself to buy the mattress of your dreams (and you will dream in).It’s up to you if you want one made of memory foam, a water bed, or the simplest mattress but with the best linen or flannel.

Nothing shouts “I own this place!” more than a personal touch. Whether it is a reading nook, craft room, or man cave, you need a corner where you can unwind and pamper yourself after a long day. This will turn your house into the home you’ve been wanting for years.