Turning Trash into Cash: How to Earn Extra Bucks from Scraps

Money in RecyclingItems that have long exhausted their use tend to clutter homes and take too much space in the garage. You can get rid of these scraps and say goodbye to them forever, but why not earn a bit of money from these items? Instead of dumping old items into the trash, you can hand them over to scrap buyers.

Here’s how you can earn extra cash from scraps:

There is Gold in Rubbish

Many items we deem without any value can actually provide a few hundred bucks. Some scrap buyers like Martin Scrap Metals accept electronic parts, PVC components, copper wire, and cables for a good price. Some contractors even accept stainless steel, lead, brass, bronze, and aluminium components that they resell to metal manufacturers.  In some cases, the value of these items varies from one buyer to another.

Some buyers are interested in old machines and phased-out equipment. Air conditioning units with ozone generators are often at the top lists of scrap buyers. Some contractors also buy used up radiators. Laptops, printers, and empty ink cartridges are accepted at recycle stores. You can even sell second hand cars, which scrap stores and dealers salvage to get certain parts.

There is Money in Recycling

Some recycle counters buy used-up electric batteries from old cars because of their potential energy-saving benefits when redeveloped. Like paper, magazines, books, plastic bottles, and milk cartons, used-up batteries and parts offer a great bargain when you sell them in bulk.

With a few smart choices and careful sorting of items, you can turn your trash into extra cash. You just need to do a little research about potential scrap buyers. What items are they interested in buying? How much do they offer for recyclable materials?

Sometimes the value of what you may be throwing away may surprise you. Before you decide to throw out those scraps, look for outlets that can give you a good price for old items.