Turning Your Property in the Hills into a Luxury Residence

Luxury residence

Luxury residenceHaving a property up in the hills puts you in a very precarious position. Not because you own a property in the hills – no, that part is brilliant – but because you have all that wealth of land and not getting the most out of it. It is time to consider turning it into a residential dream come true for seeking tenants and foreign investors.

Promising Tenancy

Property in the hills is highly sought by the more affluent portion of the population. Because of its exclusivity and beauty, it remains in high demand among tenants seeking prestige and luxury.

Pointcorp says that the greatest thing about hill residences is that they offer breathtaking panoramic views. Given the cramped spaces and residential overcrowding in the urban locations downhill, financially endowed clients will flock to a property that has this much open space to offer.

It is also important to know what your target clients will be expecting. Remember that they may have chosen the hills because they want the extra privacy. But since the part of town is secluded, they will demand for maximum security, including high-alarm systems and motion detectors.

Your penthouse residence should bank on amenities that no other property dares to have – indoor pool, remote-controlled wine cellars, outdoor living and lounge area, plus a spacious master suite.

By collaborating with the city’s best builders and developers, who have extensive knowledge and expertise on custom architecture and design, you can create a stunning and world-class housing paradise that will invite local and even foreign clients into residing permanently in your city.

Promising Investment

Once you have done your part in the construction of the residential structure – be it a 42-bedroom penthouse or a high-rise condominium – foreign investors will want to be part of your project, particularly the Chinese market. Your property will show a promise of steady growth and development due to the rising interest of high-end investors and buyers all over the world. You can haul in more investors and establish an even solid reputation by adding overall structural value. Put in extra facilities, like private decks and terraces, and overlooking verdant gardens stretched across sloping land.

There are many land developers who can turn your property into a work of art – from well-seasoned engineers and architects to landscape designers with more than twenty years of experience under their belt. Watch your property transform into the luxury residence everyone will want to have.