Types of Natural Gas Water Heaters

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There are many natural gas water heaters available on the market today. You need to consider many factors including the size of your property and the position of the heater.

If you are planning to install a water heater in Eagle Mountain, remember that every unit is designed to fit a specific structure and home size. In addition, the placement of the heater relative to the walls and chimney will affect the way it works. The most popular types of natural gas water heaters include:

Power vented heater

A natural gas heater can be power vented if the system needs lengthening. For example, vents leading outside through a wall, especially in places without a chimney, are power vented. Usually, an electrically powered blower is preferred to a fan. It is placed up to 50 feet from the outside wall, at the top of the water heater. It fires up to blow gases to the outside.

Directly vented heater

If the heater is within eight feet of a wall, it can be horizontally vented through that wall. In this case, you cannot have a blower motor. The heater uses air from the outside for combustion and does not need a chimney. Direct vent water heaters will not be affected by air pressure changes within the house because they don’t use air from the inside.

Conventional heater

This type is ideal for a place with an existing chimney. It vents vertically through either the chimney or an installed double walled metal sheet. It draws air from the inside to combust. As such, the home must have enough combustion air supply.

Natural gas water heaters offer affordability and comfort. Condensing models have a high efficiency rating, making them a worthwhile investment. They also allow for simultaneous hot water use.