Understanding Water Damage and Its Impact to Your Home and Health

Flood Damage Repair in Ogden

Flood Damage Repair in OgdenWater damage is a problem that most property owners in Ogden, Utah fear. Whenever the snow melts too quickly or the rain pours heavily, the chances of flooding is higher. Water is usually the reason for costly damages, as it destroys plumbing equipment, household appliances, electronics, upholstery, and wooden furniture. It can also cause mold growth, which is an expensive issue to remedy.

Causes of Water Damage

Water damage can be due to several reasons, including flood, heavy snow, and downpour. It can range from broken pipes, foundation cracks, plumbing leaks, leaky roofs, and clogged toilets. As soon as a home endures water damage, it is essential that the residents start cleaning it up instantly to save water-soaked clothing, rugs, carpets, and furniture.

Categories of Water Damage

Examining the extent of the damage is important to know what you need to begin water removal and damage repair in your Ogden home. Water or flood damage comes in several categories, such as Category 1 where water isn’t dangerous to humans. This can be due to sink overflows or broken appliances. Category 2 refers to gray contaminated water that can cause sickness if ingested. This kind of water usually has microorganisms that come from seepage, broken sump pumps, and broken toilets.

Meanwhile, category 3 is black water, which is extremely unhygienic. It has disease-causing germs and bacteria, as it comes from contaminated sewage and other sources.

Your home needs to undergo a water restoration process to save your belongings and avoid further structural damage and health problems. Get the assistance of professionals, as they can mitigate the impact of water on your property. They use advanced equipment and effective procedures to handle water damage, so your home is in safe hands.