Understanding Why Mothers Put Their Babies Up for Adoption


babyNovember is Adoption Awareness Month. But any time can be the right time to understand and re-evaluate how the society should perceive birth mothers who give their babies up for adoption.

Most people see birth mothers who put their child up for adoption as cruel and heartless beings. It may be true in some cases, but it doesn’t apply to everyone. As mentioned in HeartstringsAdoptions.com, parting ways with their babies is a difficult and distressing decision that birth mothers make.

Giving what is best for a child should never be in question. Some birth mothers see that adoption is the most suitable option for their babies to live a better life. They’re not plainly giving up on their sons and daughters. Instead, they’re giving them the necessary support, which the birth mothers can’t provide.

External Factors Weigh in

As novel as it seems, sometimes the family members, culture, morals, or religion play a part in the decision of mothers. When they get pregnant out of wedlock, some parents disown them. Adoption seems the better option when these factors also compel mothers to go for an abortion.

It’s not always the fault of the birth mother. Some women give their babies up for adoption because the birth father is unwilling to take on paternal obligations. Being a single parent can be hard for both the mother and child. Adoption gives the baby a chance to live with a complete family.

Age (Really) Does Matter

The birth mother’s age is also an important factor. It can be difficult for teen mothers to raise the child at a young age as she can’t afford to land a good-paying job with an undergraduate status. Ageing mothers, on the other hand, have to give the child to younger parents who can effectively meet the physical demands of raising a child.

You have to understand that adoption may have negative effects on the birth mothers. Judging them for their acts without comprehending their situation first only adds to their grief, shock, and sorrow.