Unique Alternatives to Office Partitions

Office Partition in Australia

 Office Partition in PerthThe modern office is divided into spaces with a specific workflow in mind. However, that may not always work for some workplaces. For companies who aim to have a more airy atmosphere while still maintaining their own semblance of privacy, here are some alternative partitions and dividers.

Tempered Glass Half Walls

Translucent glass is an excellent means of dividing office stations without putting up walls and rooms. It allows workers a respectable modicum of privacy without completely blocking the view. This encourages communication between staff and employees while still delineating boundaries. Just make sure a code of conduct is maintained, to avoid disturbing the work area with loud conversation.

Folding Screens

Screens are great office partitions for smaller Perth companies. Appealing and affordable, the folding screen has been used as a discrete way of establishing boundaries for generations. Choose a material that doesn’t get dirty too quickly and is easy to clean. Pick a sturdy design that’s solid and won’t wobble at the slightest touch while still following the overall office motif and scheme.

Frosted Glass

The half wall is okay for people who can handle background noise and movement surrounding their workspace. However, when silence and full privacy is important, frosted or opaque glass is a versatile and modern choice. The advantage of this kind of partition is it can still allow light in and won’t completely limit one’s view.

Tall, Low Maintenance Plants

Not only are these bushes and shrubs beautiful and attention grabbing, plants are great for cleaner indoor air. They give a fresh feel to any office space. Thick shrubs that bear fragrant flowers would perk up your workers, along with your workplace. Choose plants that need minimal care.

Maximise your square footage and your chosen partitions. And remember to consider other factors aside from affordability. It’s how useful and fitted your partitions are to your office that will matter for your workers in the end.