Unjustifiable Alimony: When your Ex is Asking for Too Much Spousal Payments

Fair Alimony Agreement

Fair Alimony AgreementMany former spouses who pay alimony would say that it’s unfair for them to be legally bound to support their exes’s lifestyle. After all, nothing stops them from getting jobs. It’s only responsible to find a way to provide for yourself, yet, many ex-wives and husbands all over the United States continue to ask, and depend, for too many payments.

Alimony reforms are a welcoming news to everyone who serves the burden of paying their ex. Furthermore, many lawyers know that sometimes, people who ask for high weekly payments are out of bounds. But they have no choice but to represent their clients’ best interests, and that includes justifying such irrational amounts.

You, especially if going through a divorce or are currently paying sky-high obligations to your ex, it’s time to fight back. It’s about setting a precedent, not about revenge or evading responsibility.

When Enough is Enough

The lawyers of Lewis & Matthews know that paying alimony can bankrupt you. It’s also adding salt to the wound when your former partner is living comfortably, while you’re practically slaving for his/her lifestyle. Fight back, and if you know that you’re paying too much and that person is cornering you to pay more, fight back staunchly.

It’s unfortunate if you have been living on the brink just to make payments. Your property already halved on the divorce. Now, with a heavy alimony, it’s just too much.

Financial Injustice

You want to be a good ex, someone who reserves care for someone you loved. What you don’t want to be is like the retired Omaha farmer who is paying more in alimony than what he makes monthly. That kind of arrangement is a nightmare, and it truly is appalling that it was passed and deemed right by those in power.

On the other hand, when there are kids involved, they are your responsibility. You and your ex, though had split, have to raise the children properly. It’s going to be tricky, but don’t put the child at odds, especially when you two are fighting. Settle the child support and be amicable about matters about your kid.

Alimony isn’t punishment, and it certainly isn’t a gold mine. When you’re in doubt about your financial duty to a former spouse, don’t hesitate to seek legal assistance. Lawyers can provide you advice and work to decrease the amounts of payments.