Valuing Readiness: Preparing Your Property for Valuation

Mortgage bond

Mortgage bondThe logical initial step in selling your property is calling property valuation agents. But before they come knocking on your door, it helps to prepare your house to get the most out of its value.

As the agents from Hely & Associates Pty Ltd explain, “Valuations are prepared for diverse purposes including sale and acquisition, re-financing/mortgage security, pre-purchase/sale, rental determinations, accounting, litigation, stamp duty, tax, compensation, reinstatement insurance and others.”

Valuation companies thoroughly inspect the house, from one corner to another inside and outside the property. Get your house ready for valuation to improve its value.

Clean Up

General cleaning should be your first step. Clean the entire house, from the attic to the basement and every room in between. Do not forget the garden and the shed as well. Cleaning each and every area of the property makes it look more appealing to your buyers. It may be too obvious, but a lot of sellers tend to overlook the importance of spring cleaning the house.

It is not always the case, but some valuation agents also weigh the post-selling renovation costs. If you can, make your house as neutral as possible and keep the style of the walls and surfaces simple.

Do Some Research

The reason you hire valuation agents is because you do not know how much the property costs. But it also pays to do research beforehand. This avoids getting tricked or having the property undervalued. It’s practical to be ahead a few steps to assure you make the most of your house’s value.

Shop Around

There are numerous companies out there; don’t settle for one immediately. It’s better to shop around for the most competent valuation firm you feel comfortable working with. It is not always wise to settle for one that provides the highest value.

Selling your property is one of the most significant decisions you will make. See to it that your house is evaluated properly.