Vehicle-Related Businesses and How to Start Them

Car Repair ShopCars and people have a distinct connection that begins with need and sometimes ends up being a passion. Whatever is responsible for this relationship, businesses that have anything to do with automobiles are making money.

If you would like to join this industry, think about these suggestions.

Car wash

Perhaps one of the first things you would think of when deciding on an automotive related business is a carwash. It is a good business idea, because the most lucrative carwashes can make as much as $900,000 a year. Don’t be fooled, though; a car wash is not cheap to set up. Even if you owned the lot on which your carwash would be built, you could still spend about $100,000. If you have this kind of money, or you know of a bank or a person that is willing to loan you the amount, then go ahead and look into starting a carwash. Just a reminder: you will also need money to tide you over until your carwash business begins making a profit.

Car repair shop

Another good vehicle-related idea is a repair shop. Like a modern carwash, you will never run out of customers — that is, if you are in the right location. Good locations include places near malls and residential areas. This is also a high capital venture, as you don’t want your customers to go to a newer shop that has more bays, better services, and is just generally nicer. From your tools to the BendPak 2-post lift installation, you have to pay a premium if you want to make money. Like the car wash, if you do have that kind of money, don’t worry, you will recoup your investment in no time.


This is a service you can offer as a stand-alone business or as an additional service for your car wash or repair shop. Detailing is not cheap work, so expect to make money off this offering. You can start a shop then eventually add this to your services, especially if your customers start asking about it.

There are many other businesses you can start that are connected to the automobile industry. As there is no end in sight for man’s relationship with these machines, you can at least feel secure with the thought that you are not likely to run out of customers.