Virtual Assistants: Why They‘re a Better Option than Full-time Employees

virtual assistant

When hiring virtual assistants, the most important thing to remember is that they’re independent contractors. The process of finding and employing them is different from that of full-time, office-based workers. Contracts between an employer and a virtual assistant include a list of responsibilities for both parties.

virtual assistant

Here are some of the advantages of hiring a virtual assistant:

No more taxes and benefits

Employers don’t have to pay taxes and benefits as virtual assistants work on a contract basis. People who work as virtual assistants make their own arrangements for getting medical coverage, paying their pension plans, and other similar expenses. Many people who work on a contract basis take up assignments based on their interest and are able to work more effectively.

No need to pay for office tools

Virtual assistants use their own funds to buy office equipment and supplies – taking off the burden from the employers to make sure that work gets done. In typical offices, equipment like faxes, computers, printers, paper, and other peripherals are needed. Virtual assistants know exactly what supplies they need and buy them accordingly.

Hiring a virtual employee instead of a permanent worker saves time and money. If you own a start up company, working virtually is a cost-effective solution for your staffing requirements.