Warm Your Tenants’ Hearts With Comfort and Security of Your Building

Security CheckRunning a commercial building business with floor spaces rented out to various tenants is a profitable venture as long as your occupancy rate is at optimum levels. Having satisfied tenants can help you achieve this.

If you rent out floor space of your commercial building to different tenants, you would want to make keep them satisfied. Happy and comfortable tenants usually extend their leases, meaning your business will continue to thrive. So how do you keep your tenants satisfied?

Multiple Access Paths

Your commercial building’s interior pathways should be designed in a manner that will help the clients of your tenants find the latter’s office. Providing your tenants’ clients safe and comfortable access paths would make it easy for them to locate the office they are looking for.

Roomy Pathways and Open Spaces

Who would want to establish an office space in buildings with narrow corridors and devoid of any open space? If you notice, modern commercial buildings now feature wide corridors enough for more than 8 people to walk simultaneously side by side. These open spaces sometimes feature lounge chairs and tables where clients and tenants can relax during free time. These pathways and open spaces are always kept at comfortable levels by air conditioning systems. Since the buildings are properly shielded with commercial insulation, Premier Insulation BOP notes that you can expect that the temperature inside is always constant.

Maximum Visibility

Your tenants rented space from you because they believe their business would become more profitable if they set up shop in your building. As such, the areas you rent out should not be hidden from view and can be seen from various vantage points. Doing so would allow your tenants’ corporate names and logos to be immediately noticed by their prospective clients.

24/7 Security

Obviously, the ever present threat of bad elements entering a commercial building is not a laughing matter. Security is one of the important factors tenants look for in commercial buildings. This is why your building should have a desk and roving security personnel to ensure the safety and well-being of the people inside. You also need to install closed circuit cameras and alarms in various places so they could be properly monitored.

These are only some of the features that your commercial building must have in order to keep your tenants comfortable and happy. Remember, a happy and comfortable tenant would not want to set their sights elsewhere. This means that you can look forward to enjoying a healthy occupancy rate, which also ensures continued earnings for your business.