What are the Best Ways to Enjoy Switzerland?

Picnic in Switzerland

A Swiss holiday is one of the top vacations you can enjoy in Europe, and for many good reasons. Once you get into this beautiful country, you’ll realize that a week will not be enough. This is because there are many places to explore, things to do, and people to meet.

If you want to make the most of your stay in Switzerland, at least three things or activities should come to mind. To give you an idea of how you can maximize your Swiss sojourn, here’s a list of activities that you may want to take into account:

Commune with nature

There are many things you can do to commune with nature. You can simulate living in a barn with a few resorts and bed and breakfast inns, for instance. If you want some physical activities involved, Alpenwild recommends going back to Zermatt and hike.

Binge on Swiss cuisine

Tickle your palate’s fancy by exploring the vast and interesting dishes Switzerland has to offer. These dishes will help you appreciate the country’s culture more. Other than their chocolates and cheeses, you can try out potato-based rosti that you can enjoy with sausages or bacon. Swiss saffron risotto is also worth trying.

See the countryside

The country has a wealth of views to offer. From stunning lakes to majestic greens, you will surely not run out of picturesque sceneries you can share online. Among the top places you can visit include Bern, Lucerne, the Matterhorn, Lake Geneva, and the Jungfrau region. You may choose to stay a night or two in one of these destinations to appreciate the local life.

Switzerland may be a small country, but it has a lot of big surprises to offer. What are you waiting for? Book your tickets and pack your bags!