What happens before a dental implant procedure?

Dental Implant

Dental ImplantA dental implant procedure in Harley Street involves a surgery. In most cases, the surgery is relatively small, if proper planning is done. In the pre-surgery, the dentists will carry out a CT scan and radiographic examination. This is critical to assess your occlusion before the placement of the new teeth as well as determine exactly where the implant will be placed on the bone. The dentist will assess the quality and quantity of the bone. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia while mild apprehension is treated through anti-anxiety medication.

What does the procedure involve?

Small incisions are performed on the gum tissue to get access to the bone. This makes small flaps that help the dentist to find the location of the bone. To properly position the implants, a surgical template is prepared and placed in the mouth, through which the implant site is made. The implants are finally placed into the site, for the healing process to begin. The procedure ends by closing the tissues using self-absorbing stitches. Other stitches that are not self-absorbing must be removed within two weeks.

What to expect after the procedure?

Minimal discomfort is expected due to the nature of the surgical procedure, with a predictable healing success of 98%. Anti-inflammatory medication is then prescribed by your dentist, as well as a recommendation for post-operative nutrition and healing. Common painkillers are used treat any discomfort arising from the procedure.

Advantages of dental implants.

You will have an improved appearance because dental implants will prevent any shrinkage of the jaw bone. Secondly, the natural teeth are preserved. This is because, the procedure does not need modifying healthy teeth like dental bridges where natural teeth are modified. At the same time, dental implants are stable and comfortable providing a natural solution.

For your improved appearance, speech and overall health, you must choose the best treatment for your missing or damaged teeth. Select dental implants for a permanent solution.