What is Appealing to the Eyes is Appealing to the Stomach


Foodcave for the past decade or have taken a vow of celibacy and lived off in the mountains somewhere in the Himalayas as a monk, trendy and clean restaurants rock. Where rats and all sorts of vermin and lowlife would get attracted to a dirty eating place, people flock to the well-maintained ones.

Of course, the food matters most. But where the eyes lead, the body follows. What pleases the eyes therefore pleases the stomach.

Presentation Matters

If you don’t think appearances matter at all, just observe a drab looking restaurant entrance compared to a posh one. How your restaurant looks on the outside is the story your potential customers buys to come in. If you’re not worth a second look, forget it.

The same is true for the interiors. Their experience of comfort should make your establishment stand out among your competitors. A pleasant environment attracts the palate like no other. This is also the reason that chefs go extra lengths to produce nicely plated meal. It just turns on the stomach.

And also, it should be the reason why your attendants should be courteous and clean. In this regard, the use of a black bib apron with your resto’s logo on it for your service crew could be most timely as it speaks of elegance – not to mention that it stays clean longest, Chef Works Australia notes.

 Increasing Success

This is all a sales experience. From the uniqueness of your entrance to the pleasantness of your attendants, to the luscious food and the wonderful eating experience itself, you are selling your restaurant.

A most enjoyable restaurant experience will definitely get you return customers in no time. Therefore, consistency is of the essence. When you are attuned to the wishes of your customers you win their hearts, and it all starts with their eyes.