What Qualities are Essential in a Volunteer

Hands with a volunteer message on top

Many non-profit organisations are constantly looking for the next group of volunteers who want to pursue volunteering in Singapore. Many of them will remain dedicated, but other demands, such as work, family, and even personal problems could affect their performance.

However, many volunteers strive to complete their work and assist those who need their help regardless of the demands set on them. In many ways, it is imperative to look for candidates who exude the following values and employ the following strategies in their volunteer work.


Everybody craves for appreciation. It is the most vital quality that a volunteer should possess. A volunteer should express appreciation to those they serve as well as the organisation they represent.  If they express how much they are willing to help, they would also feel appreciated for their hard work. For some organisations, they show their appreciation to their volunteers in the form of a monetary allowance.


Communication is paramount in any group or organisation. Volunteers should know how to express themselves well and state what needs to be done.  They need to communicate not only through words but also actions.

They should know how to communicate with ordinary people so they would know how they could help them. They should also encourage communication between the volunteers and the organisation’s leaders, as this will make them function better in the community.


Most people join a volunteer program need to inspire people. They could motivate them to use their time wisely or to learn a new skill. Make a difference in the lives of ordinary citizens and allow them to see how being a volunteer changes lives.

Though some people find it tough to volunteer their time, many people in Singapore have the qualities to do so, if only they can cultivate these qualities. Your dedication as a volunteer can help not only you but also your community and country.