What to Do After Your Car ‘Dies’

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Even a car reaches the end of its lifespan. When it does, there are several things you can do with the vessel that used to be your vehicle. Some of them require a bit of effort while others might earn you some money.

Don’t know what to do with your car? Here are some ideas:

Sell them to Wreckage Companies

Your car is not completely useless yet. Car wreckage companies can find some use in certain body parts, and they are willing to buy yours for a handsome price. Christchurch Wreckers and other experts suggest contacting car removal companies if you want to get rid of your vehicle without worrying about transporting them. Cars are not exactly pocket-sized, so if you plan to dispose of them any other way, you’ll need to have them towed.

Repurpose the Engine

If you have the tools to dismantle the car yourself, you can use the engine for a variety of things. Your house will be a hundred times cooler with a repurposed engine in the midst of all your decor. Even the car headlights can be turned into a cool headboard, while the license plate can top an otherwise drab-looking birdhouse. Don’t let a single part of your car go to waste. The steering wheel can be a quirky curtain rod, while the tyres can make for a colourful planter.

Keep them as a Memento

If you’ve got some space in your garage for the car, why not keep it in remembrance of the fun times you’ve had with it? If it’s a vintage car, it can be a talking point when you have other car enthusiasts coming over. You can also have the car as a makeshift storage space — a rather cool one at that. It will be the ideal backdrop for photoshoots, too.

Now that you can’t drive your car anymore, what’s next? There’s life after a car’s death.