What to Expect When Getting a Dental Implant in Melbourne

prosthetic dental implant representation

Lots of people seem to love the drama associated with getting a dental implant in Melbourne. They relish the idea of all that surgery and how it’s so hard to go through and they love telling stories of their own implant surgery, with as much gory detail as possible, probably most of which is imagined.

The truth is that getting a dental implant in Melbourne from renowned dental implant surgeons such as those at High Dental Implants, is no drama at all. It’s a smooth, much repeated process. Sure, it varies from patient to patient, but a good dental implant surgeon will have done enough surgeries to know how to successfully place a tooth implant.

Simple and complex surgeries

There are simple and complex surgeries. A simple one would be where only one tooth needs to be replaced with one implant in a healthy mouth where the jawbone is in great condition. This might be a case where the patient is young and has lost a tooth in a sports accident.

More complex cases involve more implants, and the really complex cases involve loss of jawbone density and size. This happens when teeth have been missing for a while as the bone is no longer receiving the signal that the jaw is in use and it starts to dissolve itself so that the nutrients can be used elsewhere.

In more complex cases, where there have been gaps for some time, the remaining teeth may have shifted their position and need to be gently guided back with cosmetic braces before any work to rebuild the bone can get underway.

The implant journey

Getting dental implants take a several weeks with even the most simple cases. Putting in the implants is nearly always done under a local anaesthetic, which is more than enough to numb the jawbone, which has very few nerve endings to signal pain. People who are nervous can have sedation to relax them.

Then it takes a few weeks for the implants to integrate with the jawbone before permanent crowns are attached. Most dentists these days make sure their patients are never without teeth however, and use temporary crowns.