What You Should Know About Sprinklers

a sprinkler at a lawn

A majority of homes are fitted with water sprinklers. But how much do you know about them other than their role of watering your lawn? There is so much more to sprinklers than that. Here are four things you should know before getting one installed in your property.

1. Hire professionals.

Choosing to repair your own broken sprinklers might cost you more money than it would if you sought professional home sprinkler repair services in Utah. Utah Sprinkler notes that doing the repairs yourself could lead to further damage, which might require you to replace part of or the entire sprinkler system.

2. Do not water at night.

Choosing to water at night is not advisable for your lawn. The goal is to ensure enough moisture for your lawn throughout the day. When you water at night, your lawn will become dry when daylight comes.

Furthermore, mildew and mold are more likely to plague your lawn if you water at night because of the high moisture levels.

3. Set high pressure at the source.

Some homeowners set the main source of water low to release less water. You might end up saving water doing this, but higher pressure means increased reach even to the farthest areas of the lawn.

Be careful, however, to use just enough water pressure and not too much. Excess pressure might cause damage on the pumps.

4. Make use of the rain Sensors.

Rain sensors prevent you from over-watering your lawn. There’s no need to turn your sprinklers on during rainy seasons. It conserves water and is good for the environment. Even more, excess water could overflow into nearby passageways, creating a risk of slips to passersby.

This basic knowledge on sprinklers can help you fully appreciate their presence on your property. Such practices do well to keep your lawn in good condition all year long.