When Do Children Get Braces in Kings Hill?

a little girl with braces

Having a set of strong, healthy, well aligned teeth makes keeping them free from decay and gum disease much easier. Toothbrushes can get where they need to be to remove plaque, which is at the root of both problems. Unfortunately, in the modern world, not many kids’ teeth come through perfectly and many will need braces to give them the kind of teeth that will last through adulthood. But at what age do children need braces in Kings Hill?

Braces first became popular in the 1970s and 80s, and for the next few decades it has been the received wisdom that braces in Kings Hill go along with adolescence, and are worn when all the adult teeth have come through but before the jawbone starts to harden. It’s always been the norm to see kids with braces on their teeth from about the age of 12. But, now, dental thinking has moved on and dentists such as those at One Smile Oral Care are advocating starting braces treatment much earlier.

How early is early for braces in Kings Hill?

Modern dental technology means that dentists are far more able to predict how adult teeth will come through. If there are going to be problems, dentists can predict where they are going to be. The thinking now is that it makes more sense to align the teeth as they descend rather than waiting for them to arrive and then realigning them.

This means that some dentists are keen that children come along for a braces consultation when they are about 7 years old, and their adult teeth are just starting to come through. Using scans and x-rays, the dentist can look at the adult teeth lined up behind the baby teeth and make accurate predictions of how they will erupt. This means a braces plan can be put in place and treatment can start when there is a mixture of adult and baby teeth, usually around the age of 9.

Depending on the alignment issues, whether jaws are involved as well as teeth, treatment can take up to 3 years. Starting at the age of 9 means that treatment is over by 12 or 13.