When the Marriage Is No Longer Worth Fighting for

Divorce Lawyer in Castle RockNo one in their right mind gets married and thinks, “Oh, I can’t wait for this to end in divorce!”

People say “I do” at the altar or in front of the judge hoping for a long-term union filled with love and happiness. There might be a few bumps and hurdles along the way, but it’s a natural part of marriage. Downs happen once in a while, after all.

When the downs are too many, however, you re-think the vows. But you resist, thinking that your marriage is worth fighting for. Your spouse might hurt you; they might have had an affair or have physically abused you, but in your mind, it’s not enough reason to get in touch with divorce attorneys in Castle Rock.

Reality-wise, however, it is.

Why You Can’t Let Go

Marriages end; it’s a fact. You know it’s true — you just can’t accept.


In some cases, spouses have a tight hold on their partners. They depend on the spouse for physical and emotional satisfaction. Money even plays a role, especially when one spouse relies on the other for financial support. When the other supposedly has everything you need, letting go is not an option.

For others, it’s pride. They cannot bear to see their marriage fail because it’s a stab to their pride. All those years of trying to work it out — and nothing. Rather than succumb to defeat, they will fight for it, even if it hurts.

Why You Have to Let Go

Some marriages are indeed worth fighting for. But there are hopeless cases that systematically destroy you if you’re not careful.

If you wish to be truly happy, know when you have to let go.

A marriage without love and filled only with suffering is no longer worth the fight. When you’ve tried to remedy the conflicts to no avail, think of yourself (and the children, if you have any). Do these still benefit you or are you just making it worse?

The end isn’t always a bad thing. When it saves your life and promotes a better well-being, letting go of a failing marriage is the smartest choice.