Why Are You Considering Divorce? And It’s Not Just About Money

Considering DivorceStudies show that women are most likely to show discontent in a marriage. Around 20% of married women report about considering leaving their husbands, while only 13% of men felt the same. However, just because both are considering separating, it doesn’t mean they will do so. Another research reveals that 13% of the married respondents said they considered divorce but decided not to do so.

Other studies cited that age and money are the dominant factors when it comes to divorce, but there are other reasons to consider.

Lack of Communication

Law Office of Doreene A. Kuffer says couples don’t just divorce overnight, the separation occurs because of small things and decisions accumulated over time. A couple that fails to communicate their needs, wants, and problems are likely to have a fierce confrontation once these come to light. Communication is important to build an intimate relationship that goes beyond a piece of paper that tells them they are married.

Poor Connection

Family law attorneys cite that divorcing couples say they feel a lack of connection with their spouse, hence the divorce. The connection goes beyond sexual, although it is an important aspect of marriage. Simple things like hugging, holding hands, and doing spontaneous loving things with your spouse can improve connection.

Different Directions

Couples marry thinking that they are both heading in the same direction, having the same ambitions and aspirations. However, once reality sets in, finances come into play and priorities change, a couple realizes they are heading in different directions. This may cause a disconnect between the spouses and may increase the likelihood of conflicts.

These are some of the reasons couples divorce, it’s a combination of emotional and financial problems that accumulate. If you marry, you will always have problems. It is up to you to reconcile any differences and make compromises to make the marriage last.