Why Businesses Should Consider Managed IT Services

Man working in a server room

Small- and medium-size businesses are the ideal candidates for outsourced services, yet large firms have also become aware of the benefits. Only 30% of businesses in the U.S. used managed services in 2014, yet that figure almost doubled in the following year. By 2023, the global market is expected to reach a value of almost $297 billion.

Benefits of Managed Services

It’s no secret that managed IT services in N.J., N.Y. or any other state can reduce your IT expenses by up to 40% while improving your operational efficiency. If you are looking for an advantage apart from cost savings, take note that delegating IT tasks to a third-party would mean more time for your in-house IT staff to focus on other matters.

In some cases, you may no longer need to form your own IT department since most service providers are already capable of handling all IT-related work for you. This is important if you plan to expand your brand overseas, as a 24/7 support system will be crucial for your employees working abroad.

Expansion and Compliance

Even if you have no plans to expanding in another country, a third-party IT service provider would remain a good option for a possible interstate expansion. For instance, a company in New Jersey that plans to expand in California will need to have a round-the-clock IT support system simply because of the time zone difference.

Depending on your industry, your IT initiatives should also be compliant with certain regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act for the healthcare sector and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard for retailers.

A managed IT service provider should be your first option if you want to save money, reduce IT expenses, and remain competitive in terms of technology.