Why Choose Workstation Cubicles over Open Offices

Workstation cubicles

Business owners are currently moving away from the open-office setup and toward cubicle-type workstations. Although the former offers greater interaction and flexibility, research shows that employees have 50 % lower productivity levels, and they are more likely to produce erroneous work compared with those who work in cubicle workstations. More than that, what are other advantages of cubicles as office workstations?


Closed cubicles allow employees to concentrate on their work. Privacy is an added advantage especially if one is working on a sensitive assignment. Some employees also feel uncomfortable while working in open spaces as they feel like someone is constantly watching them.

Employees who might also be working together on an assignment can quickly work together in a cubicle workstation compared with open stations with 20 or more people. Cubicles also reduce noise in an office environment.

Lower Costs

Cubicles lower the costs of furniture and storage. Team members who work in cubicle workstations are encouraged to use the overhead bins to store their items. The result is reduced expenditure for the firm as it no longer has to get each member of staff a personalised locker.

The materials used for cubicles such as cardboards and plywood are easy to use and are affordable. Traditional office materials such as concrete and steel doors take up most of the space. However, look for a professional who can install the cubicles efficiently.

Easy to Use

As a business owner, you will be surprised at how easy it is to work with the cubicle workstations. Workers who need to shift to a different workstation can quickly put their documents in a box and report to another similar cubicle. Employees can also easily personalise the workstations and put up pictures or memos that can help motivate them unlike in an open office.

Better Communication

Cubicle workstations make it easier for team members to communicate. Team leaders or managers can also address all the team members as they are all in one location. There is better collaboration for professionals engaged in a project.

Cubicle workstations are becoming very popular again as they offer the privacy required by employees, save on office space and costs and enhance communication. Do not hesitate to seek a professional who will install the cubicles to your satisfaction.