Why Living by the Sea is Good for You


BeachWater does many miracles. It can help prevent illnesses, help skin keep its healthy glow, and above everything else, sustain lives. Imagine all these benefits rolled into a single choice. If you can live by the sea, would you?

One can only dream of building a life by the seaside. Choices for long-term apartment rentals and houses are concentrated in the heart of the city and the inner suburbs. Fortunately, there are certain property management companies that offer rentals and houses by the coast. One example is Executive Apartments, a real estate company offering beach side properties.

Fresh Air is Good for the Body

The fresh sea breeze comes with many benefits. Apart from being clean and healthy to the lungs, it also helps you sleep and feel better. The sea air is charged with healthy negative ions that accelerate the body’s ability to absorb oxygen. Negative ions also balance the levels of serotonin, a body chemical linked with mood and stress. Living near the sea means you sleep better and wake up happier.

Sea Produce is Good for the Tummy

One of the many irreplaceable benefits of living near the coast is the fresh seafood waiting at your doorstep. You can enjoy delicious seafood meals in a nearby restaurant or in your own kitchen, where you can enjoy the fresh catch of the day. The fish simply tastes better, and it may be more chock-full of healthy nutrients than fish that has been processed or that has been frozen before it was prepared.

The Sound of The Waves is Good for the Mind

There is nothing more beautiful and calming than watching the waves kiss the shore without tiring. The sound the waves make is proven to calm the mind under anxiety and stress. It also inspires the mind and consequently the hand, to do something creative. The best artists mastered their crafts listening to the sound of the waves, comforted by its rhythm and secured by its constancy.

There have been actual studies that show people who lived by or near the sea are not only physiologically healthier, but are happier and are able to see life better. Maybe it is time to ditch the big city and head on over to the coast where a relaxing life is waiting for you.