Why Throwing Away Used Oil is a Waste

Oil Recycling Keeping petrol is always a safety hazard. Most Kiwis do not often think about petrol when it comes to disposing waste oil. What many people are not aware of is that the ordinary, run-of-the-mill petroleum products we often use, need to be handled properly.

The Environmental Protection Authority mandates that homes and businesses limit their storage of waste petroleum to 50 litres. If you have more than that, you need to obtain a certificate that guarantees you have a safe storage location.

Unfortunately, not many people have the means to store their waste petrol safely. The more cost-effective and environment-friendly solution is to recycle your waste petroleum products.

Where Waste Petroleum Comes From

Waste oil comes from used motor and other lubricating oils, which you can find in households and workplaces, such as auto mechanic shops, HVAC services, manufacturing plants, power generation facilities, and mining and smelter companies.

What You Can Do to Help

Even if your business does not use that much oil, you are still generating a lot of waste oil by using cars and lawnmowers. Instead of letting all that petroleum sit unused in airtight containers, take it to an auto shop that can send it to a refining facility or petroleum recovery services.

How Oil Recycling Works

The process of recycling oil is quite involved. It starts with pre-treatment and dewatering, where it separates water from oil; moves through various stages of filtering to remove solids and bituminous fractions; and then distillation, which produces re-refined base oil.

Most of the re-refined oil generated during recycling go to a hydrotreating facility, which turns it into lubricant, hydraulic or transformer oil. Some are used for asphalt flux for roofing and the rest for the petroleum recycling facility.

Recycled oil meets similar standards as virgin oil, which is why most major car manufacturers also approve the use of recycled oil for their automobiles. Apart from taking used oil to a recycling centre, it also makes sense to buy recycled oil because it is good for the Earth and for your bank account.