Why You Need to Get a Funeral Plan

photo of a couple getting a funeral plan

People often think that a life insurance policy is enough but, they should also think about their funeral plans too. A pre-paid funeral plan can help you plan the kind of funeral you want. Many people take life insurance policies to ensure their loved ones are provided for in the event of their death but fewer consider planning for their funeral too.

Funeral Costs Keep on Increasing

The average cost of a funeral in the UK is now over £4,000 and in some areas of the country, up to £7,000. Austerity measures, low wages and unemployment mean that many people can’t afford a funeral, and this leaves their family members in difficult financial situations during their time of grief. A funeral plan ensures most of the costs are covered, no matter the inflation rate.

Funeral Plans Take the Pressure Off Relatives

Knowing all the arrangements are already in place takes the pressure off grieving relatives. They can call the funeral director who will make all the arrangements for them.

Funeral Plans Ensure the Will of the Deceased is Followed

People don’t always make their family aware of their wishes for a funeral. With a pre-paid plan, they can direct all aspects of their funeral, so if they want a specific coffin or hearse, they can be sure that this will be followed. Funeral packages in the UK come in multiple varieties from basic direct cremation packages to a complete funeral service. For example, some people choose limousine processions, church services, or a ‘green’ funeral with a woodland burial.

Funeral planning is a worthwhile investment that will give the policyholder the send-off they wish to have while making things easier for those they leave behind.