Why You Should Consider Adding a Water Feature to Your Lawn

Water Features and Indoor Pondss

The idea of a private space for quiet time or meditation is no longer a strange concept to a lot of people. Pocket gardens are being added to homes and workplaces to allow people to take a few minutes off their day and just be by themselves. In Southern Illinois, companies offering commercial landscaping services suggest water features inside commercial establishments or office buildings. Not only do they create a positive ambiance in the area, but they also give people a place to sit, chat, meet up, or just relax for a few minutes. Inside malls and hotels, water features are also a favorite spot because of water’s natural ability to evoke calmness and tranquility.

Water features can be adapted

Areas with large, open spaces can choose to have large water features like a waterfall or koi pond. Of course, these kinds of projects require time to plan as well as a substantial budget. In a commercial setting, koi ponds are built in a natural environment with trees or stone formations.

These can be as simple or as elaborate as the homeowner wants. The good news is that water features can be adjusted to fit your space and needs. You can start with a simple natural stone formation with flowing water and work your way from there. The landscaping work can be done section by section until you achieve your desired look.

Why install water features?

People are naturally drawn to the sight and sound of water. Having colorful fish or birds and ducks are just added attractions. Adding a water feature to your lawn or patio helps bring you closer to nature at the end of a long day. If you’re concerned about safety and maintenance, you can opt for simple wall fountains or cascading waterfalls.

In some instances, an Oriental-inspired garden with a well or a bamboo dipper does the job. As simple as it may be, it adds points of visual interest as well as natural sound. The water also re-circulates, so it doesn’t require a lot in terms of cost and maintenance.

Landscaping isn’t always about adding trees and flowers. Water features, no matter how small or simple, work just as well in adding beauty to your home or establishment.