Would You Buy a Prefab Home in Tagaytay?

Modern Home

Prefabricated homes in the Philippines remain a novel concept, despite being a common home construction method in other countries.

By 2020, however, the Batulao Artscapes in Tagaytay, Cavite, will be one of the first housing developments to feature modular properties. A majority of the 6,000 homes in the 346-acre community will comprise prefab homes.

Novel Construction

In simple terms, the construction of modular homes happens in factories before being delivered to the location. This differs from the conventional method of building houses, where several people work on-site to erect houses from the ground.

It may sound fancy, but prices remain reasonable at the same time. The cheapest model costs P2.5 million. Homes that are priced less than P3 million fall under the low-cost range, according to the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council. If you still prefer the traditionally built homes, there are many other affordably priced projects in Cavite such as Lancaster New City. A review online already provides you basic information from designs to sample floor plans.

Housing Shortage

Aside from affordability, prefab homes take a shorter amount of time for completion, hence a faster turnover. This could be a solution to a housing deficit in the country, according to Ryan Tan, Organization of Socialized Housing Developers of the Philippines former president.

Tan believes that the government should increase its budget for low-cost housing, or else the country’s housing backlog would reach almost 7.7 million by 2022. Population growth serves as one factor for the looming deficit, as the pace of home construction has failed to keep up with more Filipinos.


Prefab homes could be a solution to a likely shortage of affordable homes in the country. Even so, the government needs to set aside more funds for traditionally constructed homes, especially in cities and provinces where off-site construction may not be an option.