XiR P3688: A Simple and Affordable Portable Two-Way Radio


RadioMotorola is one of the leading communication companies around the world. A lot of industries rely on their radios, communication systems, and networks when carrying out business operations. From trades and events to safety and security industries, workforces consider utilizing portable two-way radios.

Of the wide range of analog and digital radios of Motorola, the XiR P3688 seems quite above the playing field. What makes this specific product better than the other portable two-way radios is its simplicity and affordability, on top of being flexible and an efficient communication tool at work.

Superior Features

This innovative equipment is a combination of the latest digital and analog communication technology and the most remarkable functionalities of two-way radios. It connects people with ease and it is compatible with the MOTOTRBO family of radios, making it a suitable tool for everyday use.

The XiR P3688 features high audio quality, wide-ranging coverage, and long-lasting battery life, among many others. This reliable and cost-effective communication solution helps you and your crews connect to each other. With it, you collaborate and coordinate with others more effectively, getting the job done properly without delay. Ultimately, your business operations become more efficient.

Physical Attributes

Simplicity makes things less complicated and mistake-prone. The portable two-way radio has simple physical attributes, which doesn’t require you and your crew to spend an ample amount of time in figuring out how to use it. It doesn’t have a keypad, display, and emergency button, and it weighs just 12.2 oz.

With a dimension of 127.7mm x 61.5mm x 44.0mm (H x W x D), XiR P3688 is easy to handle and keep. It won’t distract or get in the way of the operation. Based on a standard 5-5-90 duty cycle, its Lithium Ion (2200mAH) battery can last for about 18.5 hours in digital mode and 14.5 hours in analog mode.

Using the portable XiR P3688 two-way radio, you get to benefit from its better voice quality, range and battery lifespan. This allows you and your crew to do the job in the most efficient manner.