Yes, You Should Do a Boudoir Photo Shoot

Boudoir PhotographyWhy in the world would any woman want to have a boudoir photo shoot? Why not? Some of your girlfriends probably did it, some are planning on doing it, and tons of women have done it. So should you do it?

While the thought of posing in barely there lingerie can be quite intimidating and embarrassing for some, here are compelling reasons you should go ahead and get boudoir pictures done:

You Will Look Gorgeous, Sexy, and Totally You

Stunning makeup and hair, sexy and classy lingerie, good lighting, and a professional photographer will result in the most unbelievable photos of yourself that you’ll see in your life. According to Light Images by Suzan, you also have the option of posing makeup-free and not being photoshopped – put simply, the shoot is all about you. Your curves, your silky smooth or wrinkly skin, your stretch marks, are all part of you and should be celebrated.

You Will Feel Truly Empowered

Everyone wants to feel like a celebrity and posing like one, with all the glittery perks of a professional photo shoot is one way to do it. On the shy side? All the more reason to consider doing a boudoir shoot. You don’t even have to show your photos and just keep it to yourself as a reminder that you can actually do things you never thought you could.

It’s an Excellent Way to Celebrate Your Lovely Self

Just fought a disease? Graduated or got promoted? Lost that stubborn fat through hard work? Gave birth to a child? Just got married or ended a relationship for the better? Celebrate milestones like these by immortalizing your amazing self through boudoir portraits. Whenever you look at your photos, it will take you back to that time you had them taken and remember how incredibly astonishing you felt at that time.

It’s a Brilliant Gift for Your Significant Other

Can you just imagine how your significant other – boyfriend, fiancé, or husband – will react when you hand him your sensuous photos? While he loves you as you are and thinks you’re perfect, even if you’re wearing your rattiest shirt, he’ll definitely appreciate it when you show a more dressed up and sensual side of yourself immortalized in photos that are strictly for his eyes alone.

So whip out your best lingerie or better yet, shop for new ones. After that, schedule a boudoir photo session for yourself. If you’re still a bit shy, invite your BFFs to the shoot for support and turn it into a bonding session. And when it’s time for the main event, remind yourself that you’re a smart, beautiful, and strong woman so that you can communicate your fabulousness through your boudoir pictures.