You Asked: What do Paralegals do?

Paralegal Courses

Paralegal CoursesParalegals focus on a specialization in a specific area of the law, where they do a range of legal work. Their work includes administrative tasks and sometimes the work of a legal secretary, such as research and talking to clients regarding legal information. They are not lawyers but they are capable of doing a lot of the work that lawyers do.

What you need to be a paralegal

A paralegal needs exemplary verbal and written communication skills. Your employer, which is likely to be a legal firm or a lawyer, will ask you to review and prepare legal documents, interview clients, and generally help them accomplish their tasks within a set deadline. Excellent time management is therefore a necessary trait.

Your general education will help you prepare for a career in paralegalism. Online paralegal training from is effective in preparing you with a deeper understanding of the law and the legal system.

Where paralegals work

Your career in paralegalism is not limited to working in law firms. Many firms need paralegals for some legal work, as lawyers are a lot more expensive to hire. Corporate paralegals work for companies with such needs. Real estate and title insurance firms also hire a specific type of paralegal. You may also find a rewarding job in the office of a state public defender. Non-governmental organizations such as the Red Cross also employ paralegals. If you’d like to work for a judge, look for careers in judicial paralegalism. You can also work for the government, as every agency and department has legal needs. One of the newest types of paralegal is the nurse paralegal, providing legal support to hospitals and other medical institutions.

This is a career that is growing. Many are taking up a paralegal course for a change of careers, as paralegalism offers good salaries in a vast job market. Think about becoming a paralegal for a more challenging and lucrative career.