Your Child’s First Dental Appointment: Making It Successful

Dental AppointmentYou know it’s time to go for the first dental visit when your kid’s first tooth erupts from the gum. Since they hold space for the permanent teeth, baby teeth are just as important, so good oral hygiene shouldn’t be an option.

In fact, pediatric dentists say that dental carries in baby teeth increase chances of the same in permanent teeth. Even for the most nonchalant kid, a dental visit can be a scary experience. Preparing for each stage can help reduce the anxiety.

Before You Go

Getting the right dentist for your kid will determine the success of this first visit. You could start by asking your regular dentist to recommend a kids dentist. Once you’ve gotten the recommendation, make the first tour to the dentist alone.

While in the office, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the office feel friendly enough?
  • Do you like how the staff is handling the kids?
  • Is the office hygienic enough?

Ask Questions

To avoid any surprises, Salt Lake Pediatric Dentist says knowing what to expect will help you reassure your kid. Ask the pediatric dentist to take you through the procedures step by step. Also, talk to the dentist about your child medical history so that you know if there is anything that might be of concern.

Preparing Your Child

Once the dentist has answered all your questions, prepare your child on what to expect. Explain to your little one that the dentist will help build strong, healthy teeth, but avoid confusing your kid with too many technical details.

You could also read up a ‘visit to the dentist book’ and role play. Gets your child to play dentist using a doll as you instruct. This will attach some fun to dental visits and prepare the child psychologically.

During the Visit

The first visit usually lasts for about 30 minutes. The dentist will examine your child’s teeth, jaw, oral tissues and gum to monitor growth and identify any problems areas if there are any. The dentist will then clean the teeth gently and if there’s need, polish them to remove any plaque and stains. In the end, the kid’s dentist in Murray will demonstrate on proper oral care to practice at home.

The first dental visit acclimate your child to the dental office helping make all the other dental visits stress-free.